Special Alloys

Here at Hy-Lok USA, we understand the demands of your industry and that you need strong, robust components to ensure there are no delays in production. That is why we have spent the last 40 years sourcing the best materials from around the world for the most challenging work environments.

We are well aware that every job has its own unique requirements in terms of temperatures and environmental conditions. Therefore, we have worked tirelessly to manufacture the best special alloy tube fittings, and pipe fittings to ensure that your business can continue operating throughout the year. Due to our extensive knowledge of many large-scale industries, we will be able to recommend the right special alloy products for your particular needs.

Special Alloys – The Right Materials for Your Industry

Not every job is created equal, and sometimes, you might have very specific operational parameters to consider. That is when a custom-made solution will be the best option. In these cases, talking to one of our experts about our range of special alloys would be a sound decision.

We are able to supply a wide range of special alloys on request and will be able to offer suggestions on the best option for your particular needs.

Our range of special alloy products currently includes:

  • Super duplex tubing
  • Super duplex stainless steel tube fittings
  • Hastelloy c276 tubing
  • Hastelloy c276 fittings
  • Alloy 20 tubing
  • Alloy 20 pipe fittings
  • Alloy 600 tubing
  • Inconel alloy 600 tubing
  • Alloy 825 tubing
  • Incoloy alloy 825 tubing
  • Titanium grade 4 fittings
  • Titanium grade 4 ASTM f67

Each special alloy has its own unique qualities, but they are usually designed to deliver outstanding corrosion resistance in a range of environments. For example, titanium grade 4 fittings have been used extensively in the aerospace industry, where strength and resistance are vital to the success of missions.

Super duplex stainless steel tubing and tube fittings tend to be stronger than standard stainless steel and offer first-rate resistance to localized corrosion. This material offers a cost-effective solution for machines and equipment that operate in high-chloride environments.

The Hy-Lok Difference

As an industry leader, we have expertise in a wide variety of industries and will always seek to provide the highest quality at the best possible price. This, combined with our unparalleled delivery times, makes Hy-Lok the best choice for your industrial tubing and piping materials.

Contact us today to find out how we can save you money without having to compromise on quality.


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