Hy-Lok Tube Fittings: Extreme Testing Results

In 2015, extreme testing procedures were conducted to validate the performance of Hy-Lok’s tube fittings in accordance with the latest standards.

Hy-Lok USA enlisted the assistance of the Southwest Research Institute, located in San Antonio, Texas, to ensure the performance of our stainless steel tube fittings meet the following standards:

  • ASTM F1387-12 – Standard Specification for Performance of Piping and Tubing Mechanically Attached Fittings
  • SAE MA 2003 – Standard for Rotary Flexure Testing of Hydraulic Tubing Joints and Fittings

The tests, conducted by the Mechanical Engineering Division of the Southwest Research Institute, included Pneumatic Proof, Hydrostatic Proof, Impulse, Hydrostatic Burst, Flexure Fatigue, Fire, Vibration and Shock tests, among others.]\


For more information, check out Hy-Lok’s Extreme Product Testing video located below.


For a detailed explanation of each test and the results, we encourage you to explore our resources below. We are confident these items will illustrate the value of Hy-Lok’s tube fittings, and will provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing they are purchasing products of the highest possible quality.


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