Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic Valves Applications

We supply premium Cryogenic valves used in applications such as cryogenic vessels, LNG service, and beverage carbonation systems.

Our cryogenic ball valves and cryogenic needle valves are capable of meeting the most stringent requirements of challenging pressure and temperature applications for countless industries, including industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and more.

You can learn more about our capabilities as they relate to the Cryogenic industry here.

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Hy-Lok Cryogenic Valve Construction

  • Constructed from austenite stainless steel, our cryogenic valves are ideally suited to handle a wide variety of cryogens including LNG, oxygen, ammonia, LPG, methane, and hydrogen.
  • The extreme corrosion-resistance qualities of our valves ensure exceptional performance even in the harshest of atmospheres, like marine environments.
  • Hy-Lok’s cryogenic valves feature a top-entry, bolted bonnet design for easy in-line maintenance. Valves are pressure rated to 750 psi (52 bar) at 100°F, with a temperature rating of -320°F to 700°F (-196°C to 371°C).
  • Designed with the packing below the thread line ensures a long lifecycle for these valves, which also feature anti-blowout proof stems. The one-piece stem is nonrotating. Open/close position is easily indicated as the dust cap functions as a position indicator.
  • Available end connections include screwed, flanged and butt-welds. Reduced and full-bore options are available from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″.
  • Our high-performance valves are fire-safe and designed to BS 6755 Part 2 standards and ratings. They are ideal for LNG, LPG, nitrogen, and cryogenic applications.

High-Quality Cryogenic Products

Through the use of Hy-Lok’s advanced technology and superior manufacturing capabilities, we can ensure outstanding performance, reliability, and durability of our cryogenic valves in ultra-low temperatures and harsh environments. We guarantee the quality of our cryogenic valves through extensive quality assurance and thorough testing procedures.

For use, storage, and transport of hazardous materials and liquefied gasses, such as CNG and LNG, trust in the quality and dependability of cryogenic valve solutions from Hy-Lok USA, Inc. Our solutions lead the industry in state-of-the-art valve and fitting technology and will meet every specification and requirement for your project.

To learn more about our experience with the cryogenics market, please visit our Cryogenics page. To learn more, please use our online distributor locator.

Cryotseries valves have been designed and engineered for use at pressures up to 750 psi (52 bar) and temperatures down to -320 °F (-196 °C). (Stainless Steel extended ball valve with trunnion mounted ball) The valve is of the top entry bolted bonnet easy maintenance in-line. Screwed, flanged, butt-weld ends are in standard connection and both reduced and full bore are available from 1/2" to 1-1/2" size.


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