Hy-Lok Port Connector Benefits & Proper Installation

Hy-Lok Port Connector Benefits & Proper Installation

Watch our video for proper installation instructions & key benefits for Hy-Lok's Port Reducers.

Hy-Lok carries Port Connectors (CPC) & Reducing Port Connectors (CPR), commonly used for gas and liquid applications. Hy-Lok's port connectors come in Stainless Steel, Brass, & Carbon Steel materials.

 Installation Instructions for Port Connectors

Step 1 - Remove nut & ferrules from the Hy-Lok tube fitting.

Step 2 - Slip nut over the smaller end of the port connector and assemble to a Hy-Lok fitting body. Tighten while holding fitting body with a backup wrench, 1/4 turn (1/8 turn for sizes below 1/4"). 

Step 3 - Insert the smaller end into a Hy-Lok tube fitting and tighten 1-1/4 turns (3/4 turn for sizes below 1/4")

*Note: Only 3/4 turn from finger tight is required for 1/16", 1/8", 2mm, 3mm, & 4mm sizes.


Port Connector Key Benefits

  • Build your own manifold
  • Save Space
  • No tape or sealants to contaminate your system
  • Reduce custom part requirements
  • Use standard parts with fast deliver

Hy-Lok provides customers with a comprehensive selection of port connectors designed with the highest quality and reliability. We have some of the lowest prices in the market and offer a number of our most popular port connectors off the shelf for expedited delivery. 

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