Solutions to Deal with the Danger of Gas Leaks

Solutions to Deal with the Danger of Gas Leaks

Did you know? Hy-Lok USA is Proud to Offer Solutions to Deal with the Danger of Gas Leaks

Hy-Lok is proud to offer a wide and comprehensive range of high-quality valves and fittings, competitively priced, and highly customizable for every specification and requirement for every project.

Hy-Lok serves clients in a wide range of industries. These include chemical processing, cryogenics, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, aerospace, defense, and oil and gas.

In many of these industries, gas leaks are a major concern. Gas leaks can not only result in loss of inventory but also great hazardous conditions that can cause health risks for workers, not to mention pose the risk of sitewide accidents.

The presence of natural gas indoors can pose a few health risks. Outdoor gas leaks, however, are far more plausible. The United States has over 2 million miles of natural gas pipelines, which means outdoor gas leaks are very likely. Such leaks coming from broken natural gas pipes can be identified by disturbed dirt, hissing sounds, or bubbling water emanating from below.

Hy-Lok USA is proud to offer solutions to deal with the danger of gas leaks. Our proprietary D’Tec Liquid Leak Detectors for quick, accurate non-residual leak detection kit for residential and industrial gas systems. These are easily operated by simply aiming the D’Tec tube at the suspected area and squeezing. In the case of a leak, bubbles will quickly form to indicate its location.

  • Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-residual
  • Temperature range of 27°F to 200°F (-3°C to 90°C)
  • Meets MIL Spec 24467
  • Compatible with instrument, air, helium, hydrogen, propane, and natural gas.
  • 10 oz. bottle with extenstion tube for ease of application
  • Oxygen compatible
  • Long-lasting bubbles
  • Made in the USA

Please contact Hy-Lok USA for more information about our D'Tec Leak Detector.

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