Analytical Instrumentation

Analytical Instrumentation Parts & Components

Hy-Lok USA, Inc. supplies top-quality analytical instrumentation fittings, connections and fluid controls at the most economical prices.

Our tube fittings, needle valves, ball valves, inline filters, and hoses provide research laboratories and testing facilities with the degree of precision and accuracy required by these specific markets. Our products are made of high grade 316 stainless steel to protect against corrosion and are 100% factory tested to ensure leak-tight performance. We supply fittings as small as 1/16” of an inch and stock most standard items for immediate availability.

Analytical Instrumentation Fittings & Valves Applications

  • Medical diagnostic products – Biochemistry, hematology, and immuno analyzers.
  • General lab items – Mass spectrometers, moisture analyzers, elemental analyzers
  • Research products – Ion analyzers, gas chromatographs, fluorimeters

In addition to our full product line of tube fittings, needle valves, ball valves, inline filters, and hoses, we provide a variety of solutions for analytical applications. Our instruments are used in various industries including pharmaceutical, cryogenics, chemical processing, oil and gas, and life support. Typically, these products are used in connection and control applications.

Industry Standards

Each of our products offers accurate and precise performance, a critical factor in applications that can affect health, well-being, and lives. For this reason, we ensure that our products adhere to every industry standard such as the ASME QSC-584, the OHSAS 18001, API Q1-6D, and the Firesafe API 607, 6FA, and BS6755.

Our business is built around our commitment to customer service and long-lasting business relationships. We are an ISO 9001 certified company and are able to offer the most economical prices without sacrificing this commitment to our customers or the quality of our product. In addition to ISO certification, we hold a number of international certifications for quality including Nuclear Certificates as both a material and manufacturing supplier.

For more information about our analytical instrumentation fittings, connections, and controls, see the table below, or find a Hy-Lok distributor in your area.

Highlights of Our Analytical Instrumentation Fittings

Industry Analytical Instrumentation
Research Laboratories
Applications Connections
Products Tube Fittings
Needle Valves
Ball Valves
Inline Filters
Hose Fittings
Brand Hy-Lok
Materials Stainless Steel (316)
Specifications Fittings down to 1/16 in
Industry Standards ISO 9001
PVD 97/23/EC
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
Firesafe API 607, 6FA, BS6755


If you have any questions about any of our products or services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. For any inquiries, fill out the form and one of our Hy-Lok representative will contact you soon.


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