37° Flare JIC

Hy-Lok USA, Inc. 37° flare fittings perform well in severe applications where vibration, high pressure, and thermal shock exist.

The flare fitting sleeve insures tube alignment with the fitting body axis and minimizes mechanical strain on the tube.

Flare fitting design allows for repeated disassembly and re-assembly with no need to replace any components. A wide range of configurations are available such as straight connectors, elbows, union, tees, and crosses as well as unique special adapters. Standard flare fitting materials include brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

Defined by MIL-F-18866 and SAE J514 standards, these flare fittings have been machined to have a 37° flare seating surface. These fittings are most commonly used in fluid power and fuel delivery applications, especially those using high pressure. These JIC fittings are identical, in a dimensional design, to Aeronautical-Navy fittings, but they have been manufactured to be cost-effective and to tolerances that are not as high or specific.

In the fluid power industry, these fittings are used in a test-point and diagnostic setting. There are instances in which a three-way coupling can offer a port inline of a circuit that allows the user to connect diagnostic equipment or measuring device so pressure readings and system diagnostics can be performed.


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37° Flare Fitting Benefits

  • Assembly performs extremely well even under severe vibration and thermal shocks
  • Upon tightening, the sleeve ensures tube alignment with fitting axis, reduces mechanical strain on tube and compensates for vibration
  • Fitting can be equally coupled to metric or fractional tubes
  • Tube does not undergo distortion, remains constant and fluid pressure losses are negligible
  • The system leak free integrity remains after disassembly and reassembly
  • Individual replacement of any component

Hy-Lok’s flare fittings are engineered to save the user money and time. They are economically priced and provide excellent service as well as longevity. These fittings are designed to meet all system requirements and safety standards. Providing exceptional results and quality service, these 37°flare fittings are favored by many industries and consistently exceed the user’s expectations. For full details, view our catalog on 37 Degree Flare Fittings.

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