316 Stainless Steel Fittings & Valves

For over 40 years, Hy-Lok USA has been supplying our partners with robust and adaptable ball valves and fittings. We understand that you work in challenging environments and need materials that will perform in a wide variety of extreme environments. That is why we only supply the highest-quality materials, which are built to work as hard as you do.

Our range of S316 Stainless steel ball valves and fittings have been rigorously tested and guarantee high levels of performance, especially in highly acidic conditions. Due to our extensive knowledge across many large industries, we will be able to recommend the right 316 stainless-steel ball valves and 316 stainless-steel fittings suitable for your particular needs.

S316 Stainless Steel Ball Valves & Pipe Fittings

S316 is made from a chromium-nickel alloy, which, when coupled with molybdenum, provides the stainless steel with excellent resistance to corrosion, particularly in acidic environments. 316 stainless-steel ball valves and fittings can handle extreme temperatures while maintaining structural integrity.

Due to its strength and resistance to corrosion, S316 can be relied upon to perform well in a variety of atmospheric and marine conditions. 316 stainless-steel ball valves and 316 stainless-steel fittings are commonly used as key components in:

  • Jet engine parts
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Furnaces and heat exchanges

The Hy-Lok Difference

Over the past 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to find the best products and solutions for your business. We have the expertise in your industry and are always on hand to provide the quality that your business demands. We only source the best 316 stainless-steel ball valves and 316 stainless-steel fittings, and we will always offer outstanding value for money and short turnaround times on all orders.

Contact us today to find out how we can save you money compromising on quality.


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