Pipe Fittings

Hy-Lok USA, Inc. precision pipe fittings are designed for instrumentation and process control. Hy-Lok pipe fittings are available in a wide assortment of thread combinations and sizes for easy transition from one thread design to another, or to accommodate increases and reductions in pipe fitting thread sizes.

Hy-Lok Pipe Fitting Features

  • Many different connections and configurations.
  • Standard materials are S316, brass and carbon steel.
  • Size ranges from 1/8″ thru 2″ NPT.
  • Precision thread construction to ensure leak-free and reliable systems.
  • Working pressure calculated in accordance with power piping code ANSI B31.1 and refinery piping code ANSI B31.3

Contact Hy-Lok’s tube fitting division today to discuss your application needs, or locate a local distributor.