H-ZBHC8-6 Zcr Tube Fitting Bulkhead Connector

Model: H-ZBHC8-6

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Product Details

  • Provides ultra-high purity Metal to metal seal for vacuum and positive pressure applications.
  • Sealing is accomplished by compressing the gasket between the two beads during assembly of the male nut or body and female nut.
  • The Internal surface finish of the female nut is silver plated to ensure consistent, low make up torque.
  • Dimensions B, N, L are finger - tight dimensions

Configurable Attributes
Tube O.D. (in) 3/8
Dimension L (mm) 64.50
Series H-ZBHC
Dimension B (mm) 16.80
Dimension d (in) 0.280
Dimension L (in) 2.540
Dimension d (mm) 7.10
Working Pressure (psig) 3500
Working Pressure (bar) 241
Dimension H (in) 15/16
Dimension H1 (in) 3/4
Dimension B (in) 0.660
Dimension N (mm) 36.80
Working Pressure (CU) (psig) 2,800
Working Pressure (CU) (bar) 192
Working Pressure (SS) (psig) 4,300
Working Pressure (SS) (bar) 296
ZCR Size (in) 1/2
Dimension N (in) 1.450
Panel Hole Size (in) 19/32
Panel Hole Size (mm) 15.10
Panel Thickness (in) 0.440
Panel Thickness (mm) 11.10
Dimension H2 (in) 11/16


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